Finance and legal The Hague region

Finance and legal


In and around The Hague, some 13,000 people are working on financial and legal innovation on a daily basis. They aim at improving the FinTech and PensionTech industry with new technologies like blockchain. Industries such as insurance, asset management and pension expertise are deeply rooted in the city and The Hague assurances the caution that the sector requires. Therefore, companies such as Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden and MN have their offices here.

Of course, there is synergy between the financial cluster and the cluster working on peace, justice and international legal progress. A great example of this synergy is P.R.I.M.E. Finance, which is established to help resolve, and to assist judicial systems in the resolution of, disputes concerning complex financial transactions. At the European Patent Office in Rijswijk more than 2,500 people work towards patenting the newest technologies and innovation for more than 35 European countries.

The Hague Hearing Centre

The Hague Hearing Centre is a very valuable extension of the already impressive Legal and Financial cluster in The Hague. The focal point of the centre is the physical hearing centre. This is a dedicated location in which all kinds of international and commercial cases for arbitration can be sorted out. The centre offers working space and essential facilities, necessary to organize hearings and sessions. With this centre, The Hague is becoming the international number one location for this kind of mediation.

The neutral and international reputation of The Hague has been an important reason for the recent establishment of The Hague Hearing Centre and continues to play a role in attracting new (national and international) actors to the region.