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Studar App

Are you coming to The Hague area to study? Look no further than this helpful app. Studar is the study radar: an app and platform made for and with students. It is the authoritative place to find out what's going on in The Hague - from student events to sports, organisations, discounts, and much more. You can download it now via the App Store or Google Play.

Get to Know The Hague

If you're new to The Hague, or you want to get to know it better, Studar is your guide. Follow on Instagram or TikTok for homegrown content on student life in the city and local Dutch culture. Their platforms are full of recommendations about places and student activities in The Hague, as well as plenty of funny interviews with young people on the city’s streets.

Get the app and find not only great places to see, eat, and party, but also lots of information about living in The Hague as a student. There's great advice for new arrivals, including the basics on the universities in the area, accommodations, and registration. There are also useful articles on topics such as mental health, leisure activities, LGBTQI+ information, and more. It's everything you need to know to settle in and feel at home. 

Connect to Other Students

The app also offers many ways to connect with other students and student groups in the area. This includes how to join one of the many student associations and how to become one of the students involved in Studar. 

But you can also use the app's special 'matching' section. Here, you can find other like-minded students in the area. Just answer a few questions about what you like to do, and the app will introduce you to someone who might be a good match for you.

Discover Places and Save Money

For most people, the app's especially useful for its comprehensive events guide. There are listings for a huge variety of student activities and parties, from Latin dances to sports events, or cultural activities.

The app and the social media platforms also feature plenty of recommendations for places to eat, drink, or see something cultural. What's more, they offer some exclusive discounts for students, helping you save some precious euros when going out in the city.


There's plenty more to learn about studying in the Hague region. Learn about how to finance your studies, find a study programme, and how to search for jobs and internships